Vital statistics
Primary Use Pulling Items
Type Other
Attack Effect Air
The Vacuum is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Vacuum will pull enemies and projectiles towards the player. Projectiles will be sucked into the Vacuum, with the exception of the Frog.

The Vacuum is very similarly to the Fan. It has many of the strengths of the Fan too, such as stopping players approaches, being very quick and unpredictable and powerful defensive applications.

However, almost all of its positive attributes are worse than that of the Fan, and all of it's faults are clear, with some other flaws too. Sucking projectiles and opponents are generally risky, especially opponents, as the opponent is free to land another move once they get close enough. The Vacuum is virtually impossible to kill with, even against projectile reliant players. This is because it sucks to opponent in rather than blow them back, so the only way you could kill a player is thorugh sucking the opponent into a pit of water small enough, which is extremely situational and easily dodged. Also, if you accidently suck up a Grenade, it's all over, because a second after, you will die a painful and explosive death.

Overall, the Vacuum could be described as a poor man's Fan,and it is advised to use the Fan instead.

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