The Player
Color(s) White, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, or Brown
Location N/A
Gender Unknown
First Appearance Theater Entrance
Species Friend
Occupation N/A
The Player is a Character in the game BattleBlock Theater.

The Player can be any prisoner they've rescued from the Gift Shop, though cutscenes show them as the default round headed sprite (known in the Steam inventory as Mom).


You play as them. The player and their friends (including Hatty) were sailing on the S.S. Friend Ship , until a harsh storm shipwrecked them on an unknown island. Seeking shelter, the Player showed up just in time to see the Cats force Hatty to put on a glowing top hat.

They are then sent through various deadly obstacle courses throughout the game, which make up the levels of Battleblock Theater. They seem to possess a strong will, going through the increasingly-ridiculous levels without complaining once. Finally, they make it through the Vault and rescues Hatty, before then escaping the island altogether.


  •  Although he/she is illustrated as a plain circle head in the cutscenes, the character can technically be any prisoner head available.

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