WARNING! There are spoilers on this page for both BattleBlock Theater and Pit People, Proceed with caution! But, its only the Ending to BBT and the Beginning of Pit People... BUT STILL! i know this is not a good wiki page, but i just have to bring it up. All games from the behemoth are in the same timeline. You HAVE to admit it, BattleBlock Theater CAUSED Pit People. Yes. Its the ending scene after the song "Buckle Your Pants" finishes. The hat that Hatty wears starts to become green and shoots a beam, HITTING A BEAR. So, what does this have to do with any of this? Well, look at the intro for Pit People and you will see that a bear has crash landed into the planet, as the bear was already dead (I Think). See a connection? A bear blasted by a beam from BattleBlock Theater at the end, and a bear hitting the earth in Pit People? See? SEE? SEE?!?! So yeah, i like to call this myself, "The Blast Between Worlds" Theory. One event causes another in this madness of stone chicken made games. Add info to this timeline please, we need as much as we can, and also please improve on this too. It would really make me happy.