Story Mode is a gamemode in the game BattleBlock Theater.


Story Mode is the basic story of the game. It can be played via single player or with another player. It can also be played on certain difficulties, including Insane Mode and Normal Mode.

The basic idea is that you play through a level, collecting at least 3 Gems to find the exit. Each level has a different number of gems to find, along with a ball of Yarn. There are different obstacles and puzzles to navigate and solve the levels. Should the player have Weapons, the levels become much easier, with some designed to skip parts or puzzles outright,

There are 8 chapters, with 12 levels each. Every 3 stages is divided into an act, and the 10th level being a "Boss" level where a player is pressured to complete the level under a time limit. The Boss levels have 3 stages each, making a total of 12 stages.

After each Chapter, there is a cutscene that explains about what you're in for, what's going on, and usually multiple jokes. 

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