The " Narrator "

" Battleblock Theater " 's so-called " Narrator " is NEVER seen in the game, BUT, he IS a part of the game.

The Narrator 's sentence " You didn't even complain about the prison food!!!... Which is shocking because that stuff tastes like Doo-Doo Casserole, with a side of Butt Salad. " makes me wonder if he's been there before.

The Narrator was voiced by Will Stamper.

If anyone heard each time that the Narrator stopped his sentence when he was about to say a bad word, he was going to say, in the rainstorm when he said the sentence, " Boy he was pis- he was mad!!! " when the word " Pis- " came, he was going to say " Pissed ". Also, when the Narrator said,  " Take my dainty hand as a whisk you back to a time long forgotten, a time long before the sh- the poop hit the fan... here. "  he was going to say, " Shit " and another time he was going to say " Bull Shit " and " .B.S. " 

The Narrator tries to understand the magic of " Hatty Hattington " 's hat.

In the end, the Narrator doesn't really care if Hatty turns into a vegetable, and, he just sings a song about buckling your pants, and somewhere close to the end, the bear " Honey Hug " from te game" Pit People " appears in the scene!


  • Though never seen throughout the game, in the end, it appears he speaks as if he is on the ship.
    • This links onto the fact the narrator is always focusing on what Hatty Hattington can see, which could lead to him being a soul in the hat
  • The Narrator is often seen throughout cutscenes nearly swearing but then changing it to something like 'nonsense'. This could be a reference to the fact Will Stamper uses a large amount of profanity on Youtube and he now can't control himself.
  • In the settings, the volume of him is referred to as '"Quips". "Quips" are short, witty phrases that are often humor-related.
  • In the sequel to Battleblock Theater (pit people), the bear known as Honey Hug has the same voice as the narrator in BBT. While it could just be a coincidence, since the narrator of Pit People is one of the Space Bears, it could make sense for the narrator of BBT to be one of the two celestial mammals.