The Level Editor is a feature where players can choose to test things out on their own or invite a friend to join in. Once you've completed your masterpiece you can upload it to the Level Lobby. This is where all uploaded playlists can be downloaded, played, and rated by others.

In the Steam version, levels are uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

Level Editor Menu


  • Use the "A" button to place a block.
  • Use the "B" button to erase a block.
  • The Right Trigger allows you to select anything you'd like to place.
  • The Left Trigger allows you to change any properties whenever you want! (play mode, time, colors, etc.)

Hex Editing

Steamstuff "Steam version!" This feature may only be available on the Steam version.
In the Steam version, you can hex edit your levels to get blocks normally not found in the Level Editor, so you can make better and unique levels. However, hex editing may corrupt your levels.

Follow this guide on how to hex edit your levels


  • Allows a second controller to join and edit!
  • No waiting for each other during editing – just go go go!


  • You can play the level that you’re building at any time — and pop back into editing just as fast!
  • You can instantly turn that Strawberry level into an Arena level and back again!
  • Try Arena modes against AI characters instantly to test it out.