Insane Mode is a playable mode in BattleBlock Theater. 


Insane Mode varies drastically from Normal Mode. Each level is the same, however, there are no checkpoints whatsoever. This means the player will have to play significantly more cautiously, as one death will send the player back to the start.

There is also a Co-Op mode for Insane Mode too. It functions identical to Normal Co-Op mode. However, if even one player dies, then EVERYONE will be sent to the start. Combined with the harder levels and generally requiring a large amount of teamwork, this makes Insane considerably harder than Solo Insane Mode, as the two players are tasked of not only preventing themselves from dying, but also protecting each other.

When you complete the story in Normal Mode, you are given a silver trophy which you wear on your back. However, when you complete the story in Insane Mode, you get a Gold Trophy instead. If you have both trophies, then you are given the option to wear either one of them.


The general strategy is very similar to its normal counterpart. However, the player will obviously have to play much more cautiously. It is also recommended to alter your weapons, as some levels will be significantly easier with a weapon such as the Acid Bubble or Dart Gun than if you were to use a Fireball.

As for Co-Op mode, is is generally ill-advised to use weapons that will injure each other, as even killing each other will result in a restart.


  • Insane Mode is also included in Castle Crashers, another game developed by The Behemoth. In that game, all enemies have 10X more health and deal 10X more damage, with some exceptions.

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