Ice Cannon
Ice cannon
Vital statistics
Primary Use Stopping Approaches
Type Other
Attack Effect Ice
The Ice Cannon is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Ice Cannon shoots 2 blocks of ice in random trajectories, freezing anyone who makes contact with it, bouncing off walls. While frozen, the player moves slower, depending on the terrain, but cannot jump or perform any actions whiles frozen outside of moving.

The Ice Cannon, while it has limited applications, still has its uses. The Ice Cannon is extremely good at disrupting an approach, as it has an unpredictable trajectory. Once the opponent is frozen, the player can follow up with virtually any move, outside of another Weapon. While frozen, the opponent is very susceptible to attacks, since your movement speed is drastically lower, and you can't jump.

However, the Ice Cannon is held back by a few flaws. With a room that has a ceiling and walls, it is almost impossible to avoid, leaving the player just as vulnerable to attacks if they dodge the attack, which is significantly easier due to the fact that you only have to dodge one block of ice. While it enables the player to land a free hit, it cannot lead into a kill aside from when you're next to a hazard. This means this has virtually no kill power, and the places it does are very situational. 

So all in all, the Ice Cannon could be considered a glass cannon. While it is very good at punishing approaches, it is just as susceptible to punishes. In solo, it could be considered one of the worst weapons, with many others outclassing it. In multiplayer, it is significantly better, and can lead into plenty of follow-ups with teammates. 

It's also a very good weapon in: King of the Hill, if used correctly, you can make your enemies not even touch the base if used in the correct fashion.

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