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Honey Hug in Pit People

The page contains spoilers. 

Honey Hug was an unexplained bear seen being killed by Hatty's Hat at the end of Battleblock Theater.


Battleblock Theater

After it's death, the narrator claimed that what was going on "made sense" without explaining.

Pit People

It was not explained until Pit People was announced, and it was revealed that the bear at the end of Battleblock Theater was the same bear that had crashed into the Earth, causing the events of Pit People. Thus, the two games were revealed to be linked.

Imagery from Pit People's pre-released opening cinematic showed Hatty himself destroying the bear, further providing evidence that the events of Battleblock Theater directly led to the events of Pit People.

In released game footage, the bear's paw is shown moving things around as the narrator of Pit People commands, suggesting the narrator somehow has control over the bear. However, it is revealed later in the plot that the narrator is actually a second bear named Honey Kiss who watches the chaos unfold on the earth, occasionally interfering to perpetuate the madness when he sees fit. Honey Hug's blood is also shown to cause chaotic storms when leaking from it.


  • Honey Hug's name was revealed in a post before entering chapter 7 of Battleblock Theater.
    • In Pit People it is simply referred to as "The Bear"


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