Vital statistics
Primary Use Killing
Type Offense
Attack Effect Explode
The Grenade is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Grenade is a useful weapon and arguably the most aggressive. When thrown, the grenade goes around 3-4 blocks far and explodes on contact with a player or enemy. If it hits the ground, it bounces for a few seconds, then explodes. It's use isn't just because of it's quick killing abilities, but from the fact that it can kill multiple enemies. If there is a group of Cat Guards close together, you can simply throw your grenade and they will all explode. This makes it very useful for story mode.

But, it's highly set back by the fact that it can easily be blocked by a player. By jumping up and pressing X you can hit the grenade downwards and back to it's sender. By running and pressing X you can slide and return the grenade to sender. However, the best defense of all from this weapon is the fan. A single tap of the weapon button and the grenade goes flying back to its sender. These easy defenses make the weapon not so good for Arena Modes.

So overall, in the right hands, the Grenade can be a very deadly weapon. However, a single unwise decision will result in death, so you must play cautiously.


  • If you throw the grenade, then run at it and press X, the grenade will be given extra range.

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