Vital statistics
Primary Use Movement
Type Other, Offense
Attack Effect Stun (Only on Enemies)
The Golfball is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.

The Golfball is a weapon that stuns enemies when it hits something. It can also be jumped on by you or your team.

Despite this, the Golfball is commonly considered to be among the worst weapons in the game. Aside from providing very little benefit and being outclassed by almost every other weapon, it is among the most predictable, travelling very slowly and easily telegraphed. Any remotely competent player will have almost no trouble avoiding this weapon

Assuming that it does hit an opponent, it is virtually impossible to kill players with it. Aside from hitting a player above a stage hazard (assuming they have no double jump or use a weapon aside from a Fan and Vacuum), it can't really lead into a kill. This is further hampered by being outclassed by nearly every other weapon, as they can easily outmaneuver the Golfball. Although it stuns for a somewhat long time, it can't really lead to a kill without being next to a hazard. 

Finally, the Golfball provides almost no benefit for the player. While it can provide extra jumps for players who land on it, this is difficult and is extremely situational (it sinks in water and throwing it over spikes is generally risky, and there are much more safe alternatives). 

Overall, the Golfball is a contender for the worst weapon in the game, and it is generally advised to use other weapons over this. In Co-Op Mode, like all weapons, it benefits slightly by allowing it to follow up with a kill, although it's flaws are still significant and other weapons generally benefit more in Co-Op than the Golfball.

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