Golden Hat
Golden Hat
Worth 10
Air Effected No
Color(s) Gold
Appears Random

The Golden Hat is an item that you can find in BattleBlock Theater. It closely resembles Hatty Hattington's Hat, but colored gold. The Golden Hat appears randomly, and the Narrator will alert you when it does, you will see the hat fly to it's location, this will give you an idea of where it might be.


If you touch the Golden Hat, your character will pick it up. You must make it to the end of the level to obtain the Golden Hat's bonus: An extra 10 Gems. If you die with the Golden Hat on you, you'll have to retrieve it again, if it falls into water, the Golden Hat is gone. If you do manage to succeed with the Golden Hat, when the player holding it touches the exit, he/she will wave it around, making gems fly out of it before you receive your letter grade. The Golden Hat may appear on ANY level. This includes Time Trials, Encores, Arenas, and Adventure Levels.


When the Narrator alerts you to the Golden Hat, he will say a witty comment.

"Milk, milk, lemonade, grab the hat, and go get paid!"

"That's right, not just any hat, but a GOLDEN Hat."

"It's worth uhh... 10 gems, so that's good, go get it!"