Gift Shop is a location in the game BattleBlock Theater.
Gift 3

The gift shop entrance


In every chapter except for Chapter 8, there is a gift shop with an entrance that is guarded by two cat guards. The entrance for the gift shop is after the first act. The gift shop can be entered at any time, and is the only place where the player can spend gems and yarn. Hatty's "throne" overlooks the gift shop, and Hatty can be seen upon entering the shop.

Prisoners and weapons

On the first floor of the gift shop, there are four vending machines that dispense a prisoner of a certain head type. The machines, from left to right, are: Circle, Cube, Triangle, and Cylinder. The player can use spend 10 gems at a vending machine to unlock a prisoner. This price increases by increments of 5 when a certain number of prisoners have been unlocked.

On the second floor of the gift shop, there are two shady-looking cats. If the player gives one of these cats 5 balls of yarn, the cat will give the player a weapon/tool. The price of weapons is static and never increases. More information at the Weapon Dealer page.

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