Vital statistics
Primary Use Killing
Type Offense, Productivity
Attack Effect Fire
The Fireball is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.

When used, the Player will fire an orange Fireball straight forward, lighting anyone on fire to those who get hit. You can also be lit if you touch another opponent who was previously on fire. Landing in water can prevent yourself from dying if you're quick enough.

The Fireball's greatest strength is its insane kill power. While not killing the opponent instantly, the ability to light others on fire makes this weapon the best for clearing crowds. Additionally, landing in water after being hit by a Fireball is a necessity for a handful of levels (although the enemies already carry Fireballs in these cases and it's really only useful in Co-Op). 

The Fireball is also a somewhat unpredictable weapon. Due to traveling far, going fast, and directly straight, approaching a ground-based opponent can be extremely difficult. The can be ameliorated slightly by equipping a Fan, but the reflected projectile will travel much more slowly.

However, the Fireball is strongly held back for being arguably the most dangerous weapon. Unless the Player runs straight away from the victim, you will almost certainly be ignited, due to its aforementioned ability to light others on fire and create widespread damage. Additionally, the Fireball can only travel straight, meaning that it can be very difficult to fend-off aerial approachers, due to it's large amount of lag when used. Assuming that one is quick enough, however, actually hitting aerial approachers is nearly impossible; it requires very precise timing, and can be easily avoided by either jumping or going underneath.

So overall, the Fireball could be considered a glass cannon. It can easily fend off against approachers, but you yourself are just as susceptible to the damage that this weapon can do, not to mention that it can be stopped via aerial approach. 


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