Finales are difficult levels that mark the official end of a chapter. They are comprised of two different parts, each with 7 gems and a ball of yarn. Finales are generally very difficult, compared to previous levels in the chapter, and are filled with several puzzles, obstacles, enemies, and traps that try to obstruct the player from reaching the end. Finales differ from normal levels not only in difficulty, but also because Finales operate with a timer, and if the Player does not finish in time, he/she must start the finale again from the beginning. In Insane Mode, similar to regular levels, simply dying will cause the Finale to start over.

Upon reaching the end of the first part of a Finale, the player(s) are immediately thrown into the next segment, which is also operated by a timer. However, upon reaching the end, there is no exit, but a key that the players must grab before the level ends.

After the Finale is over, the players will be taken to a stretching mechanism, operated by Hatty, which stretches the player higher based on the grade they got in the Finale. Essentially, the higher the player is stretched, the higher of a grade they got. This does not happen upon completion of Chapter 8.

The key will then be used to unlock the next chapter, and will be broken so that it can not be used again. However, upon beating Chapter 8, the player does not receive a key, but instead rescues Hatty from the Gift Shop, and escapes to the boat with him.