Vital statistics
Primary Use Killing
Type Offense
Attack Effect Explode, Stun
The Disc is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Disc is the default weapon that the player starts with. This weapon is thrown like a Frisbee, exploding shortly after thrown. When it lands on the ground, any player who touches it will activate it and explode. It hit by in the air, it'll simply cause stun. 

The Disc is generally considered to be one of the weaker weapons in the game. Above all, it is unreliable. While the Disc explodes if another player makes contact with it on the ground, it can be easily dodged by simply jumping if the player has quick enough reflexes. Addionally, it can be set off by your teammates or even the player who threw it. As such, it is considered to be one of the worst weapons in the game, with much more weapons outclassing it. 

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