Dart Gun
Dart gun
Vital statistics
Primary Use Movement
Type Productivity
Attack Effect Stun
The Dart Gun is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.

The Dart Gun is a weapon that can be shot at enemies. Enemies that are shot will be knocked that and stunned momentarily. It usually takes three hits before the enemy is killed. While it may not be the most powerful weapon in the game, it is still a relatively useful tool due to its long range

The Dart Gun can also be shot at walls. Doing so will create a small plaform for a player to stand on. This is extremely useful for traversing stages, as it can be used as a quick and safe alternative to a Gem or Yarn. It can also allow the play to skip some parts of levels. 

However, is has absolutely no kill potential. When you hit someone, is causes very minor stunning, and doesnt even deal knockback. This makes it impossible to perform a follow-up against a hit opponent.

Despite this, the Dart Gun is a very balanced weapon overall, and is considered to be one of the best Weapons in the game, even if it does lack kill power.

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