Co-Op Mode is a gamemode in the game BattleBlock Theater.


Co-Op mode is a mode where you are accompanied by one player. This player could be local or online, but cannot be an AI controlled bot. Levels in Co-Op are changed with more situations where you are forced to work together with your companion. These include pressing RT to throw, lift up, or flip your friend. Levels in Co-Op are considered harder as it takes much more time to navigate with another player then it would be in singleplayer. You can also play Insane Mode with a companion, but it is much harder as if one player dies, the level restarts. You can only have up to one extra player in normal story mode co-op, but you can have up to four in Arenas.


There are two possible Co-Op mode achievements to be unlocked in the game, "Coop Star" and "Insane Coop Star."


  • BattleBlock Theater is the third game by The Behemoth to be focused on Co-Op
  • At the end of chapters, each player will be ranked on how many gems they collected, which a feature that is not present in singleplayer.

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