The Chapter 3 is one of the 8 Chapters a player can play in the game BattleBlock Theater.


This Chapter takes place after Chapter 2. Again, not much is explained in this Chapter's cutscene, although The Narrator does ponder about the Cats, and asks about their origins and why they are here. The Narrator also commends the Player for how well they are doing throughout the game.


Naturally, the levels in Chapter 3 are slightly harder than the previous two, and introduces multiple new gameplay mechanics. The checkpoints are generally fewer and far in between each other, though they're still somewhat common in stark contrast to later chapters. Due to these changes, the Player should be much more careful, as the inexperienced may be stuck at certain points for a long time.

Video Cutscene

Battleblock Theater Chapter 3 Movie

Battleblock Theater Chapter 3 Movie


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"The cats aren't going to like this"
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