The Chapter 2 is one of the 8 Chapters a player can play in the game BattleBlock Theater.


Not much story is revealed in this chapter, it mainly just asks questions on how all these events unfolded. In the cutscene the narrator expands the universe by talking about other friends, including, but not limited to, Lovely Lass, Chef, and Bat Scientist. There is also the fact that Hatty is brainwashed by the hat. This is touched on slightly by The Narrator in the cutscene, but not confirmed.


There are not many gameplay aspects revealed in this chapter, and it's very similar to Chapter 1 in level design. But unlike Chapter 1, it challenges the player to think for themselves and solve puzzles without the answer being handed to them. This chapter presents many more puzzles, and less direct gameplay. There are several more battles with Cat Guards, and the general color scheme is blue. 

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"The cats aren't going to like this"
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