The Chapter 1 is one of the 8 Chapters a player can play in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The events in this chapter occur right after the S.S. Friendship crashed into a mysterious island. Upon further inspection, the Player finds a large theater, although it is almost destroyed. Inside, they find Hatty Hattington, who is being taken by the Cat Guards that reside in he theater. They place a hat on Hatty, which presumably brainwashed. Once the transformation occurs, Hatty fires a laser directly onto a piece of debris where you were hiding, which leads to the Player being taken away by the Cat Guards inorder to perform for the audience.


Being the first chapter, the levels in here are very easy, with very easy to navigate levels and low amount of enemies. A large amount of sections in this chapter are used to introduce some new aspects of the game or how to complete the level. Unlike the later chapters, checkpoints here are abundant and close to each other, meaning that, unless you're on Insane Mode, dying is much less punishing. 

Co-Op is very muchlike its singleplayer counterpart, being used to introduce the general aspects and need for teamwork. Checkpoints are once again very plentiful and close to each other.

Overall, this one chapter is by far the easiest one. However, later on the levels will get much more difficult. so be prepared!