Cat Guard
Cat guard
Color(s) Orange and White
Location Seen throughout BattleBlock Theater
Gender Male
First Appearance Theater Entrance
Species Cat
Occupation Guard

Cat Guard is a Character in the game BattleBlock Theater.


They are the cats who run the theater. Their exact origins are unknown, and not even the Narrator is sure where they came from, though they're shown acting as performers back in the days when Purrham Furbottom ran the theater.

In the present day, they seem to have gone insane. They rule over the bleak, decaying theater with an iron fist, forcing the prisoners to go through increasingly difficult challenges for their own monetary gain. The cats bear a huge love for Golden Yarn, and will give any prisoner who can bring them five Golden Yarns a new weapon. They seem to require a leader, that is symbolized by wearing a tall black hat.

When the S.S. Friendship crashes into their island, they put the hat on Hatty and expect him to be their new leader, and they imprison the other friends.

When Hatty proves to be an inept manager, they start rioting and causing even worse damage to the theater, before finally attempting to kill Hatty and find someone else to take his place. At the end of the game, the prisoners manage a breakout, and several cats are shot dead as the S.S. Friendship leaves. It remains unknown if there were any survivors.


Cat Guards resemble large cats (duh!) and are normally seen wearing security vests. They sometimes wear more brown colored uniforms that resemble real guards. They stand taller than the player, and are relatively fat.

However, on the XBOX 360 (original) edition of this game, the cat guards were skinny and short, the size of one block. They could be seen with sunglasses or without and can hold a Gem.


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