• The entire game revolves around this location.
  • It's the main center of entertainment for all cats on the island.
  • It was founded by Purrham Furbottom, a self-made billionaire and theater fanatic.
  • Throughout the years, Purrham's hat has been haunted by the emotions and conflicting viewpoints of it's previous owners, and now causes emotional distress and unproductivity to all who wear it.


Battleblock Theater was founded by Purrham Furbottom to be the best theater to be the best theater ever!

"Dancing ladies, dancing ladies who exploded! Exotic animals, exotic animals who exploded!" - The Narrator

It had fantastic reviews all around, but its owner Purrham Furbottom passed away, and was tossed out to sea. Since then it has gotten awfully decrepit! Through the constant stream of new owners, the cats mental state deteriorated along with the theater itself! Sounds like a very lovely place.