Bat Scientist
Bat-guy-battleblock-theater 5280737 GIFSoup
Color(s) White, Yellow, Grey
Location BattleBlock Theater
Gender Male
First Appearance Chapter 2 (Cutscene)
Species Undefined
Occupation Scientist
Bat Scientist is a Character in the game BattleBlock Theater.


He is attempting to create a breed of superbats. However, this makes no sense, because he is absolutely terrified of bats. His motives for the project are thus unknown.


His brain rests in a jar on top of his head, which is a grey half-circle. He wears yellow rubber gloves and a white lab coat.


  • The "super bat" puppet that the narrator uses in the cutscene is a reference to Pipistrello, a large and
    very powerful "super bat" that can be fought in Castle Crashers, another popular game made by The Behemoth.
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"The cats aren't going to like this"
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