Vital statistics
Primary Use Killing
Type Offense
Attack Effect Explode
The Airplane is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Airplane flies until it hits an object or enemy. Once it does, it crumples into a ball if paper and can be detonated by pressing the B button again. It can even be set in midair.

The Airplane is unique that is can be set whenever the player chooses to. This allows some form of mindgames, potentially tricking the opponent into thinking that they would've set off the explosion. Additionally, when it has landed, it can be used as a platform. This is useful for traversing a large area, but it can't really help with vertical traversing. The Airplane is also one of the safest Weapons in the game. If it comes close to yourself, you can easily dash away before setting it off, due to it being able to be detonated whenever the thrower chooses to.

The Airplane, however, is one of the most predictable Weapons in the game. Due to a combination of slow movement, easily identifiable model and traveling in a very linear trajectory, actually killing a remotely competent player is difficult. The ability to set it off at free-will can help alleviate these issues; however, this in no way compensates for the extreme predictability.

Not helping is the fact that the actual damaging hitbox is very small. An opponent must be right next to the Airplane in order for it to actually do some damage. Even then, it can easily be jumped out of and only take minor stunning. 

This makes the Airplane one of the worst Weapons in the game. Killing anything is very difficult, due to it's extremely predictable properties and its small, short-lasting hitbox. It is recommended to use other weapons over this.

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