Acid Bubble
Acid bubble
Vital statistics
Primary Use Killing
Type Productivity, Offense
Attack Effect Poison
The Acid Bubble is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Acid Bubble is a very deadly weapon in the right hands. It kills instantly, and it can be used for platforming by jumping on top of the bubble. The bubble can also be swatted down in the air with the downward slash attack in order to keep it below jumping height, or to deflect it back at another player. However, it moves slowly and travels diagonally upward, making it hard to hit swift opponents. It is also prone to reflection, like any other weapon, making this more balanced than other weapons such as the Fireball or the hard hitting Grenade.

Despite its potentially powerful offensive properties, the main reason why it's considered superior to every weapon is the fact that it tremendously aids platforming and traversing the stage. By firing the bubble and jumping on it, it gives the player a small boost equivalent to a double jump, making it extremely useful for reaching areas. This is generally less time-consuming than other methods, and unlike most other weapons, does not require precise jumping and timing. This makes it arguably the most useful weapon for Insane Mode, if not the most versatile.

The Acid Bubble is also among the safest Weapons in the game. While it can be reflected by a Fan easily, any other usually working method requires precise timing and is much riskier due to the fact that this kills instantly. This makes it a very safe weapon to use, allowing more carefree or reckless opponents to use this with less risk than other weapons.

Despite all these advantages, the Acid Bubble isn't flawless. Killing opponents can be difficult, because it travels in a diagonal trajectory and is very slow, requiring the player to be right next to an enemy for it to actually hit others, although swatting the bubble downwards can mitigate this slightly. Additionally, the bubble isn't too good offensively in general due to it's slow and awkward trajectory and being easily telegraphed. This makes it among the least useful weapons in Arena Mode, as many other weapons outclass the Acid Bubble.

Regardless of its falws, the Acid Bubble is strongly recommended to use, as it is among the best, if not the best, weapons in the game. However, in Arena Mode a different weapon should be picked, as it is much less viable there. 

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