Here is a listing of the Achievements in the game. Note that there are four "secret achievements", bringing the total to 30.

Cast Member

CastMember Complete the story’s opening sequence in any mode. 5 Gamerscore

Seasoned Performer

SeasonedPerformer Complete the first four finales in any mode. 10 Gamerscore


Virtuoso Get an A++ in 10 levels. 15 Gamerscore

Solo Star

SoloStar Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Solo Story Mode. 20 Gamerscore

Co-op Star

Co-opStar Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Co-op Story Mode. 20 Gamerscore

Insane Solo Star

InsaneSoloStar Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane solo story mode. 30 Gamerscore

Insane Co-op Star

InsaneCo-opStar Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane co-op story mode. 30 Gamerscore

Crowd Pleaser

CrowdPleaser Complete all the Encores in any mode. 15 Gamerscore

Secret Hat Hunter

SecretHatHunter Collect 10 Golden Hats. 10 Gamerscore

Hats Off

HatsOff Get a letter grade in all eight finales in any mode. 20 Gamerscore

The Professional

TheProfessional Be on the winning team in 100 arena matches. 15 Gamerscore

All Around Joe

AllAroundJoe Be on the winning team in one arena match of every mode. 15 Gamerscore

Nailfile Cake

NailfileCake Free a fellow prisoner. 5 Gamerscore

Black Marketeer

BlackMarketeer Get yourself a cool new weapon. 5 Gamerscore

Jail Breaker

JailBreaker Free 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop. 10 Gamerscore

Social Butterfly

SocialButterfly Collect all the prisoners of one head shape. 15 Gamerscore

Freedom Hero

FreedomHero Free all the prisoners in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading. 30 Gamerscore

Armed and Dangerous

ArmedandDangerous Collect all the weapons in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading. 10 Gamerscore

First Time Trader

FirstTimeTrader Make a trade with someone. 5 Gamerscore

Global Trader

GlobalTrader Trade online with ten different players. 10 Gamerscore

Deadly Performer

DeadlyPerformer Get 100 kills. 10 Gamerscore

Chicken Toucher

ChickenToucher Play with the Behemoth or someone with this achievement in an online game. 10 Gamerscore

Melee Master

MeleeMaster Successfully use every melee attack move. 15 Gamerscore

Weapons Master

WeaponsMaster Use each weapon successfully. 15 Gamerscore

Theater Critic

TheaterCritic Play and rate 10 user-created levels. 10 Gamerscore

Theater Manager

TheaterManager Download and host a game of user-created levels. 10 Gamerscore

Secret Achievement

SecretAchievement Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. (Four total)

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