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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 1/28/2016

What do I edit? (IMPORTANT UPDATE!)

Hey y'all, as you can tell the wiki has been sorta inactive.
We've had our bumps getting it back on it's feet, but the thing is, we can't without you guys.
Me and Darklord have been trying our best to edit, but it's insanely difficult with so much to do. As you can see I have 471 edits (around that) and I still haven't managed to finish the characters section.
Here's the deal; I'll make a quick list on what needs to get done, you guys use the search bar to find the pages that need editing, and if they don't exist, create them yourself! Bolded ones are the most important, italic are the not so important, normal is decently important.

High Priority Projects
Finish basic Character pages.
Finish Chapter pages, this is very important!
Finish gamemode pages
Finish location pages
Low Priority Projects
Add in-game screenshots and more pictures to pages
Make pages for each prisoner, this can be dealt with by staff, do not make pages for prisoners, doing so will result in a warning. Continuing will result in a temp block.
Finish Weapon pages, they are full of content right now but need to be touched up.
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• 12/15/2015

Introducing the New Wiki Chat

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I've got an exciting new feature to announce that everyone can use!

Meet the new and improved wiki chat. It's gotten a few updates since you last saw it. (Please note that these updates only take place in this wiki and not other ones unless they have a similar script written.)
Lets get right into it.

The most notable change is this handy little bar here. You have three buttons, the Options button, the Gem Mode button, and the Clear Chat button. These can be used by you whenever you wish. Lets get into detail about what they do.

By pressing the options button you will be given this small little popup. You can edit this all you want. You can edit your theme and change your font color and type. The Added Functionality area let's you enable nifty little features to help you out. The most useful ones are "chathacks" and "multi PM." Feel free to experiment with these and please report any bugs or errors to U-Knighted.
The next feature is Gem Mode, where Gems rule the land. Seriously, they do. Press this to give the chat a nice gem skin.

Finally, you have Clear Chat. Clear Chat is self explanitory. You clear the chat. The feature works much better with Chat Hacks on. Chat Hacks are very useful and add lots more functionality.
Please report any bugs or errors to U-Knighted, as these features are very early in development.
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